Shopping for new eyebrows

Ok so this is something I have been thinking about for a long time, and to be honest this has been getting worse and worse as I get older, like many things I might add haha.

I have been looking into eyebrow tattoos in Sydney, maybe Brisbane as I have never liked my eyebrows and I am sick to death of penciling them in every day! So to after Mary had her eyebrows done at a clinic called The Harley Clinic in Brisbane, I thought I would have a look at them in their Sydney practice.

I had a good look at the information on their website and they seem like they know what they are doing. Mary said that she visited four clinics to have a free consultation until she settled on this place so I trust what she is doing.

To be honest when Mary bought it up when she was down from Brisbane to stay, I had never heard of this before. So I did some research and found this really helpful video.


The thing that I found interesting is that they also call it permanent makeup but it is not permanent which I guess is a bit miss leading. Because the inks are not permanent they will fade or even change colour over the time they are in your skin.

What if I don’t like them… I did ask this question of Mary and she had asked the same question and they said that you can have them removed with a normal tattoo removal machine but it can cause them to spread when you go to remove them. It can also make them change colour because of the head that is generated during tattoo removal. Mary had a friend remove hers because she got them done when she was in Thailand. Personally I could not think of any place that would be worse to get your skin cut or injected with a cosmetic needle… yuck no thanks.

Looking into the ingredients of the inks they use and they are usually a natural pigment. They take solid colours and disolve them in solution. Typically they can include iron oxides, carbon, copper and other substances. The thing I found interesting is that some companies call their pigments organic but this has nothing to do with them being organically certified… I guess the food industry has trained us with their marketing.

I found these few before and after photos helpful

brow tattoo example images of tattoo on eyebrows

I did actually contact one clinic in Sydney to see what they charge. However one thig I found out is that the colours that each clinic use are not standardised. Why is this important, because I have the same skin tone as Mary and I love her colour so I though why not just go to the Harley Clinic in Sydney and get it done there, they said they use the same pigment in both clinics so I will be able to get exactly the same as Mary. Even though it is not “permanent” I don’t want to have¬† a colour that I am not happy with, life is too short!

So a bit exciting to be looking into this, will update you once I have got round to having this treatment.

Lots of love





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The start of my pigmenation journey

This is a bit weird copying from my journey but I only really thought about using this website that has just been sitting there for years when my sister suggested it. I have not actually copied from my journal as much of it is personal, that is why I did not want to put these things on facebook, I wanted to put this in a more personal place.

I have tried to include some research I have done personally on the different techniques and devices as that really interested me.

So my journey to better skin health started a long time ago, I visited multiple GP’s or doctors about a few concerns. I have always had a lot of freckles which I later found out was pigmentation. It wasn’t until I visited a skin clinic in Sydney’s CBD that I really got the answers I was looking for. When I first looked into pigmentation removal treatment in Sydney I was faced with so much choice in treatments, advice, and so on it was overwhelming. I ended up getting a very good GP (in the end) who referred me to the skin clinic as they had a very good laser called a GentleMax Pro. I have done so much research on this “device” they call it before I even went in for their free consultation that I think I didn’t really have any questions…

This is the image that I found on the smoother skin website that really made me believe that I could get rid of the freckles on my chest and face.

pigmentation removal before  pigmentation after pic

I was very skeptical about getting a result like this because I had seen before and after photos for pigmentation before and had not had the result or anything near it from other treatments (IPL).

So pigmentation was the first thing that I need to get sorted, because I have dark skin, I had to find a laser that would work on darker skin which I found was quite rare as the chance of the laser causing more pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is a very real thing.

Below is a short video I had written in my journal that I liked

So I have now had three treatments, I need to wait 4 weeks between treatments apparently but I am already so happy with my progress and the lovely staff there said I was progressing just as I should. I have also had other treatments at Details smoother skin clinic in Sydney which I will write about in future blog posts. I think I could almost be an owner of the clinic the amount of money I have spent there, but it has all been worth it, every cent.

I guess I have not said anywhere that I am not being paid by them to write this, this is all on my own volition and I am very happy to write this, not to be used in their marketing but for my own use.

Well that is about all from my first post, very excited to be writing about this, the more I write, the more I enjoy it. The funny thing is I think I get my design and layout from my mum.

Hope everyone in Sydney is enjoying the lovely start to summer and everyone back home, hope the winter is not too long and dark!

love to everyone






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