About Peachy

While the title of this page is about me it is actually about many things. About my mother who passed away recently and this website that was gifted to me.

I moved to Sydney 2 years ago now to get a fresh start after my mother passed away, I was lucky enough to get a transfer with my university to a sister university in Sydney. It really was my dream come true that I would get to travel to Australia and it would be paid for by my work.

My mother rest her soul passed away three years ago and as part of my inheritance I got this website, which I at first did not know what to do with. I started writing a bit of a journal three months ago when I started sorting out my skin. Everyone who knows me, knows that I have had big problems with acne, pigmentation and that is just the start…

Three months ago I started another series of treatments after trying many from my GP that did not work. I anted to keep my friends and family at home up to date with this as I know you all care about my skin conditions and that once fixed this will make me very happy.

So that is a bit about me, this is only really meant for my friends and family so not much more need be said.