Goodbye to a little tattoo

So, I have had a tattoo for a very long time and to be honest I have never told my friends about this, I don’t know why I haven’t, it has just never come up. And before you start calling me asking if it is a name of one of my ex boyfriends, you can stop calling because it was nothing like that.

I got my little tattoo back when I was young. I was travelling through Spain and at that time it was the best time of my life (I was young). But it was, it is such an amazing country, the people are so so friendly and the food is good and most of all, most of all the atmosphere was so amazing!

peachy's little tattoo

So I was having the time of my life and decided to take all of these great things and turn them into a reminder of this great time in my life. So for the first (and only) time I got a tattoo and ever since I have to be honest regretted it.


So I have started to look into laser tattoo removal in Sydney. I had one session of tattoo removal with a small clinic but the pain was so high (I have had children) that I never went back. By chance I got talking to the clinic that I had my first pigmentation treatment with and they mentioned my tattoo. We got talking and I said that I had had a session many years ago in Sydney but it was just sooooo painful. They suggested that it was because I have darker skin and it was most likely a kswitch laser I think she said.

What they suggested was that I tried their picoway tattoo removal as this machine worked specifically on darker skin (and lighter skin but I don’t have that but others might).

I did some research on the internet after talking with her and first off I got a bit confused between the Picoway in Sydney and the Picosure in sydney. So I called the clinic again and they said that they had a picoway which I was relieved about as the reviews of the picosure were not very good at all. The nice man on reception (thought it unsusual that a man was on reception but I guess that is not unusual today). He said he would email me what he called a tattoo removal guide which was interesting. He said that this guide was free and it had all the information that I needed to get up to speed with the technology they were using and why it was much better than the other device I had had before.

So this arrived in my mail and I read the whole thing, very informative and just a great piece of information. I had my friend print it out as I can’t read that long on my screen and I think it was about 12 pages.

So that was excellent and after 10 years I decided to have another go at removing my tattoo. They had space the next day and I went in. It was an extremely quick treatment, it literally took 5 minutes to do my little tattoo. Not sure if I am getting older and the senses are dulling a bit but there was virtually no pain and there was not so much damage after the treatment as my last one. So they said I could wait 2-4 weeks before my next appointment which was great, so the little tattoo will be gone soon, yay!

Don’t like to use the words “life changing” lightly but to be honest this is and I am very happy and relieve that I am doing something about this.

Have a great day everyone, lots of love!

Peachy xxx