Here is What Large Format Printing is All About

Even though this is a new phrase to you, you’ve probably seen instances of this publishing technology in your daily life. Large format printing by companies such as 1 Day Banner is used to generate vinyl banners, displays, flags, and board kiosks in super markets.

Printed materials which are too large for most ordinary print presses are referred to by this phrase. Large format printing, often called as wide format printing, employs specialised industrial machinery capable of handling incremental innovations in sizes.

Uses of large format printing

Displays at Points of Sale

Your firm is preparing to release a product or service. It is the result of longer and longer periods of backbreaking work, but once it hits the shelves, it’ll be only one of many vying for the interest of busy buyers.

large format printing

With the aid of big format printing, you can promote your goods with an eye-catching point-of-purchase screen that will catch the eye, even of the busy clients.

Display at commercial exhibitions

A good trade show is a crowded popular event, wherein your firm may show off its recent news and contact with each other in your industry. However, the crowded environment might be a double-edged weapon. Having scores, if not hundreds, of multiple companies displaying their wares, it might be tough to be distinguished.


Similarly, big format printing might be useful in this situation. Banners, billboards, flags, and wall designs are all examples of big format goods that may allow you to keep company brand in the spotlight and stick out amid a crowd of other exhibitors.

Internal messages

Display at commercial exhibitions

Large format materials may also assist your organisation withrmat printing, whether you really need a pop-up exhibit, flexible banner, or unique home interior job. We employ a variety of transparent conductive, including newspaper, plastic, and textile, and also rigid materials such as timber, glass, crystal, and metals.


Many businesses favour big scale printing rates as it’s less costly than other screen printing. This is due to lower manufacturing costs while maintaining the level of quality for clients.Naturally, costs can vary based on the program’s specifications. However, this publishing technology provides a reasonably short delivery time while still being on budget.

Large format printing may assist your firm in advertising and promotions, promoting new goods and services, publicising a particular incident, and reaching out to prospective clients. If you’re promoting at a huge event, such as a trading expo, folk festival, or other huge open space, your promotional materials must be striking.

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