Amazing Silkscreen Class

Peach Berserk’s Famous & Amazing Silkscreen Class

In one totally hands-on and information filled day learn EVERYTHING you need to know about screenprinting…AND do it all yourself.

The workshop starts at 11 am and goes ’till 8pm (and you get breaks!!) AND you can stay until 10 at night doing ALL the printing you like, using all the ink and fabric you want, too!!

“I founded my course in 1991, and since then I have taught over 6000 people the art and technique of screen printing. I love the enthusiasm of my students, all the creativity and fun, and of course all the ink flying around at the end of the day! ”  Kingi

This is a great course for anyone who wants to….

• Set up your  own print studio
• Enhance their craft/sewing based business with screen printing
• Learn the process, so they can teach it to their students!
• Experiment with a new art form and have a fun day
• Do on your own, or with a friend or family member for a amazing thing to do together

Learn how to:

• Design a print
• Make a silkscreen
• Expose your design onto your screen
• Mix inks
• Print T-shirts and repeating fabric
• Where to buy and how to make all your own equipment and supplies
• And even how to set up a cost-effective studio of YOUR own.
• And way more.  Do all of this in one SUPER busy, and SUPER fun day.
• Ask us about private classes for parties/showers/corporate groups!!

Includes unlimited use of :

• Art supplies
• Computer and photocoping
• Printing inks of all kinds
• Fabric to print on


• Everything to make 2 screens
• A T-shirt for you to print your own designs on
• Suitable for all ages and all experience levels

Silkscreen Class Gift Certificates are available to use for any class. And they come in a funky handprinted Peach Berserk bag, of course! Call to order, delivery available.

Ask about our private Classes, too. We love teaching highschool classes, or any group that wants to learn fabric printing and design–and who doesn’t??